Wahlarzt Perchtolsdorf

A Wahlarzt is a general practitioner , pediatrician or a specialist who does not have any contracts with the main association of social insurance or health insurance . The designation Wahlarzt derives from the right of the patient to be able to choose his doctor freely . Approximately 7,500 physicians election and election doctors in Austria carry now at an essential part to ensure our health care . Adequate medical care would be impossible without election doctors .


Ihre Vorteile als WahlarztpatientIn:


  • You choose your child's physician / professional health care that you trust .


  • I am here for you any time , that is, even on weekends and in urgent cases even at night avaliable ober the telephone .



  • You will receive at any time at short notice from us the day before your appointment. You can perceive without waiting and without overcrowded waiting rooms. 


  • A flexible and tailored to our patients surgery hours . ( e.g .: Saturday mornings ) .


  • In multidisciplinary problems I work together with selected and proven leading specialists and highly qualified medical institution. I will organize the necessary appointments and coordinating with you the time-optimized processes .


  • If necessary I have been organizing for your child shortly an operational appointment , a parent / child - bed in the best hospitals Vienna and Lower Austria , a cardiac ultrasound , etc.


  • Drugs for which I exhibit a prescription , are handled by the pharmacies as well as that of a contract physician. You pay only the prescription charge. The same also applies to transfers to X-ray and ultrasound examinations and laboratory diagnostics.


  • All of the above mentioned in pointa are services and benefits of our private Ordination.




In consultation with a physician's of choice, the patient will be initaly charged with a given honorary note, and which can be fowarded to a insurance company (if avalible ) and then will be refunded by the given insurance company. 


Refunds by your health insureance: 

As a rule, you will receive 80% of the usual cash tariff for the given serives provided refunded by your insurance company. 



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